Mistake 1:
Choosing the Wrong Realtor. Whether you select an experienced or inexperienced Realtor, the cost is the same. The sale of your home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Base your decision on business factors. Select an agent with a proven track record. A contract for sale is a legally binding document. An improperly written contract can cause the sale to fall through, or cost you money for repairs and inspections. It can even allow the Buyer to void the sale. You need an experience Realtor who knows the ins and outs and can explain the contract to you.

Mistake 2:
Putting the Home on the Market before it’s Ready.This usually happens when Sellers get impatient or procrastinate. Presentation is everything. Put yourself in the Buyer's shoes. Would you want to view a home that has old, worn carpeting or is in the process of being painted?

Mistake 3:
Over-Improving the Home Prior to Selling.  More often then not, Sellers spend thousands of dollars doing upgrades to their homes prior to attempting to putting the home on the market believing they will recoup the entire cost of the improvement(s). Unfortunately, not all improvements are cost effective. If you’re making improvements for your own pleasure that’s fine. However, if you’re going to put your home on the market, consult me BEFORE making any major improvements.

Mistake 4:
Not Properly Pricing your Home.  Pricing the home based on what the Seller wants to “net”.  Sellers can control the “asking” price, but they don’t control the “sales” price. The market actually determines the “sales” price. If your home is not competively priced, buyers will either not even look at your home or will select another home for the same price. On the other hand, Buyers who should be looking at your home will not see it because it’s priced over their purchasing limit. The result is increased market time, and even when the price is eventually lowered, the buyers are wary because “nobody wants a home no one else wants”.

Mistake 5:
Getting Emotionally Involved. This is one of the biggest challenges most home sellers face when putting their home on the market. Once you’ve made the decision to sell, it’s no longer your home. Treat it as an investment.

Mistake 6:
Trying to cover up Problems or not Disclosing them. In today’s society it’s always a wise decision to disclose, disclose, disclose.

Mistake 7:
Not taking the First Offer Seriously. In a Buyer’s market, Buyers have multiple properties to choose from. Experience often shows that the first offer can be the best offer even though it comes just after going on the market. Sometimes buyer are waiting in the background. They may have lost a bid on another house, know that your home is priced right, or just luck. The home is most saleable in the beginning of the marketing process while it is the new house on the market.

Avoiding these mistakes is not hard. As your Realtor I will guide you through the process to reach a successful sale at the best price in the least amount of time. 


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The value of your home is whatever a Buyer will pay for it. With that in mind, Realtors complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) as a guide in determining the current market value of your home. Although the CMA is not an exact science, it does assist the seller in making good pricing decisions.

Basically, a comparative market analysis is accomplished by comparing the actual sales of homes that are similar in nature to the subject property (size, age, condition and location).

To begin the CMA as your Realtor I will answer the following questions:
  •     Where is the location of your home?
  •     What is the condition of your home?
  •     What was the price of other homes that previously and recently sold in your neighborhood?
  •     How does your home compare to the homes which recently sold?
  •     What are the current market conditions?

Once the comparable sales have been adjusted it is possible to determine the average sales price. Since it is not an exact science, the average sales price is then used to establish a market window. The initial asking price is then determined by the Seller based on the condition of the market and the desired timeframe to accomplish the sale.

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