To find your new home near Eglin AFB, give Kathy a call. You can speak with her directly at (850) 830-9928. Or, if it is easier for you, send an email to We can set up an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and apply for prequalification for a loan. From there, we can start the search for homes near Eglin AFB.

Eglin Air Force Base is home to several squadron battalions, fighter wings, and special forces groups. As such, this facility houses countless Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, and Army personnel. If you fall into this elite group, you could be in search of homes near Eglin AFB. Turn to Kathy at Baywalk Real Estate, Inc., and she will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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We Can Help Members of the Military Find Homes Near Eglin, AFB


Trust an Air Force Veteran Who Understands Your Needs

Kathy retired from the United States Air Force after nearly 24 years of service. She understands the demands of the job and the difficulties surrounding military relocation. Of course, military moves are a fact of life for those who enlist, but that doesn’t make it any easier to uproot your family time and time again.

Kathy at Baywalk Real Estate, Inc. is proud to assist military families in their search for homes near Eglin AFB. In the past, we have helped many families pack up and relocate. We do whatever we can to make the process as smooth as possible.

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If you are ready to start looking for your next family home, give Kathy a call. You can even take a preliminary look at her listings by visiting our property search page.

We appreciate your service and are anxious to help you in any way we can. For your convenience, we have provided a list of military links below. We hope that these will help you in your search: